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Seems you may have a blog or a website that's not pulling in any extra income. If so you need what's called a content strategist. Simply because...  real estate in "cyberspace" is no different than homeownership.
It’s an investment which should make you additional passive income (every month, like clockwork). 

At least, an extra $3,000.00 per month, without any additional effort on your part, the payments just keep coming in.

I am DaVida Edwards and I noticed that your blog doesn't have a new post. I would love to post trending, modern, informative articles complete with video's, images, links,   and ranking.  

Here are 10+ GOOD reasons why your blog(s) or website(s) should be making you money every month:

1.      You can set up Internet marketing on your blog which can put another 3k per mo. in your pocket (from your advertising budget) 

2.      You don’t have to do any work to earn it

3.      You can engage new potential customers/clients with social media

4.      You can drive traffic by strategically writing and posting content (video’s, images, news, latest in technology, etc.) to your blog

5.      You can sell banner ads on your blog and make anywhere between 50 cents per click or you can sell banner ad space on your blog to Fortune 500® companies for at least 3k per mo. per banner ad (looks like I can get three ads on your blog, so that’s an additional 9k per month to add to your bank account)

6.      You can build your mailing list and e-mail subscribers, create a buzz on the social media scene about your products and services

7.      Learn how to use your e-mail subscribers as another source of passive income to get you more leads--which means more money

8.      Sell affiliate programs and products that can earn you an additional 50-90% profit ( with products and services which complement your business)

9.      Get your blog ranked on the first page of Google (Google likes blog posts to be anywhere between 250-500 words)

10. Learn how to use your blog to get leads for consumers you can market your products and services to over and over again

11. Once you bond with your readers you can direct deposit money into your bank account plus make passive income on the backend, every month, by selling advertising on your blog… it’s that simple (extra 3-9k with no additional work for you)

12. Stand out as an expert in your industry

As a professional content strategist here are my package offers:

1    2 Month Package ($500 per mo. half down and half upon completion)
o       Post weekly content to your blog
§         Write one blog post per week (250-500 words) around a specific keyword complete with an existing Youtube video
§         8 blog posts that can:
·        Drive traffic to your blog:
1.      Sell your services and products
2.      Post videos relevant to your industry (top 10 video’s in your niche)
3.      Post the latest news and technology in your industry
4.      Write a list post (i.e. who to follow on social media)
5.      Write a link list (i.e. a blog post about the most interesting stories in your industry complete with links)
6.      Write business stories and histories
7.      Write a regular feature, consumer success stories, and/or famous quotes
8.      Write “how-to” post

1    3 Month Package ($500 per mo. half down and half upon completion)
o       Includes everything in the two month package:
§         Plus 1 thousand e-mail subscribers
§         1K per month in passive income from selling advertising space on your blog/website
§         An additional $100. per month in affiliate sales deposited directly into your bank account

1    6 Month Package ($500 per mo. half down and half upon completion )
o       Includes everything in the two month package and the three month package:
§         Setup social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
§         Plus 2 thousand e-mail subscribers (instead of one thousand)
§         3K per month in passive income from selling advertising space on your blog (at least)
§         An additional $200. per month in affiliate sales (at least) direct deposit into your bank account
§         An additional spike in visits, on and/or offline for more leads and sales

I once heard this guy say, “You should spend the majority of your time getting new customers/clients.” It’s true, so I’m willing to meet you at your storefront. I have a home based office right here in the West Philadelphia Promise Zone and I can show you how to get paid by simply using your existing blog.
  • No extra work for you
  • Traffic = Cash
  • Cash = Organic Traffic
  • Organic Traffic =  PASSIVE INCOME
  • PASSIVE INCOME = Stress free monthly income
  • 3k per mo. (easy) without any additional work on your part

If you’re not getting the conversations, the new leads, the social media engagement, the monthly advertising payments made to your bank account, which you should be getting from your blog/website, I can help. 

The Yellow Pages are dead. People are searching for information on their phone. No need to miss out on money like this when it’s this easily made. In your professional opinion, would you agree? 

Thanks for your time and consideration. Looking forward to working with you. 
Call: 267-340-5940

Warmest regards,
DaVida Edwards, Content Strategist

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