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Postmates® is a courier service that delivers food and other items to customers and businesses. You are paid through direct deposits weekly. This is a very good way to earn a full or part-time income, there is no cost to sign up. 

To sign up with Postmates®, go to: and put my email address where it says invite.

REFER A FRIEND! Postmates® is offering a $10.00 free credits to all new customers. For each successful referral your friend will get $10 off on their first order. They must be a NEW customer. Just enter my email address where it says invite and/or referral code to get your discount:

Postmates is also offering a bonus when you refer people you know to the Postmates Fleet! Here's how it works:

  • Share your code. Your referral code is the email address you signed up with: Share with anyone who's interested-they'll need to sign up using your code before December 31st.

  • Encourage 25 deliveries. After approval, the person you refer will have two weeks from their sign up date to complete 25 deliveries in Philadelphia.

  • Boost your earnings.  You can expect to be paid $200 7-10 days after your referee finishes their 25th delivery. They'll earn $25 for completing 15 deliveries, or $50 for 25 deliveries.*

Note: Notice the bonuses you'll earn after you make 25 deliveries. There's no limit to the amount of referrals you can make.
Sign Up With Uber Today! 

Once you sign up with Uber you can start making deliveries with UberEats.
They pay their couriers well. You can apply to lease a car for $250.00...

Thinking about getting a new car or just want to upgrade? Driver-partners can get a car through Xchange Leasing for just a $250 deposit. See sample lease terms here.

  1. Make an appointment with one of the participating dealerships in your area. Remember to bring your driver's license and $250 deposit in cash or cashier's check.
  2. Upload your new vehicle documents
  3. Uber on!

Otherwise, you can even ride a bike or moped to make deliveries.
Use this invite code: 

Uber is also offering the following for referrals:


Just like trip fares can surge when you’re driving, your invites are now surging. You can now earn $300 for each friend you invite.

 You can also share your invite code. You never know who might be interested. 

To receive your $300 reward, your friend needs to sign up using your personal invite code and complete 30 trips.

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Seems you may have a blog or a website that's not pulling in any extra income. If so you need what's called a content strategist. Simply because...  real estate in "cyberspace" is no different than homeownership.
It’s an investment which should make you additional passive income (every month, like clockwork). 

At least, an extra $3,000.00 per month, without any additional effort on your part, the payments just keep coming in.

I am DaVida Edwards and I noticed that your blog doesn't have a new post. I would love to post trending, modern, informative articles complete with video's, images, links,   and ranking.  

Here are 10+ GOOD reasons why your blog(s) or website(s) should be making you money every month:

1.      You can set up Internet marketing on your blog which can put another 3k per mo. in your pocket (from your advertising budget) 

2.      You don’t have to do any work to earn it

3.      You can engage new potential customers/clients with social media

4.      You can drive traffic by strategically writing and posting content (video’s, images, news, latest in technology, etc.) to your blog

5.      You can sell banner ads on your blog and make anywhere between 50 cents per click or you can sell banner ad space on your blog to Fortune 500® companies for at least 3k per mo. per banner ad (looks like I can get three ads on your blog, so that’s an additional 9k per month to add to your bank account)

6.      You can build your mailing list and e-mail subscribers, create a buzz on the social media scene about your products and services

7.      Learn how to use your e-mail subscribers as another source of passive income to get you more leads--which means more money

8.      Sell affiliate programs and products that can earn you an additional 50-90% profit ( with products and services which complement your business)

9.      Get your blog ranked on the first page of Google (Google likes blog posts to be anywhere between 250-500 words)

10. Learn how to use your blog to get leads for consumers you can market your products and services to over and over again

11. Once you bond with your readers you can direct deposit money into your bank account plus make passive income on the backend, every month, by selling advertising on your blog… it’s that simple (extra 3-9k with no additional work for you)

12. Stand out as an expert in your industry

As a professional content strategist here are my package offers:

1    2 Month Package ($500 per mo. half down and half upon completion)
o       Post weekly content to your blog
§         Write one blog post per week (250-500 words) around a specific keyword complete with an existing Youtube video
§         8 blog posts that can:
·        Drive traffic to your blog:
1.      Sell your services and products
2.      Post videos relevant to your industry (top 10 video’s in your niche)
3.      Post the latest news and technology in your industry
4.      Write a list post (i.e. who to follow on social media)
5.      Write a link list (i.e. a blog post about the most interesting stories in your industry complete with links)
6.      Write business stories and histories
7.      Write a regular feature, consumer success stories, and/or famous quotes
8.      Write “how-to” post

1    3 Month Package ($500 per mo. half down and half upon completion)
o       Includes everything in the two month package:
§         Plus 1 thousand e-mail subscribers
§         1K per month in passive income from selling advertising space on your blog/website
§         An additional $100. per month in affiliate sales deposited directly into your bank account

1    6 Month Package ($500 per mo. half down and half upon completion )
o       Includes everything in the two month package and the three month package:
§         Setup social media accounts (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube)
§         Plus 2 thousand e-mail subscribers (instead of one thousand)
§         3K per month in passive income from selling advertising space on your blog (at least)
§         An additional $200. per month in affiliate sales (at least) direct deposit into your bank account
§         An additional spike in visits, on and/or offline for more leads and sales

I once heard this guy say, “You should spend the majority of your time getting new customers/clients.” It’s true, so I’m willing to meet you at your storefront. I have a home based office right here in the West Philadelphia Promise Zone and I can show you how to get paid by simply using your existing blog.
  • No extra work for you
  • Traffic = Cash
  • Cash = Organic Traffic
  • Organic Traffic =  PASSIVE INCOME
  • PASSIVE INCOME = Stress free monthly income
  • 3k per mo. (easy) without any additional work on your part

If you’re not getting the conversations, the new leads, the social media engagement, the monthly advertising payments made to your bank account, which you should be getting from your blog/website, I can help. 

The Yellow Pages are dead. People are searching for information on their phone. No need to miss out on money like this when it’s this easily made. In your professional opinion, would you agree? 

Thanks for your time and consideration. Looking forward to working with you. 
Call: 267-340-5940

Warmest regards,
DaVida Edwards, Content Strategist

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Get Your Annual Free Copy of Your Credit Report!

Here is the link to get your your free annual credit report:


The three big credit reporting agencies are making changes that could help steer some consumers clear of the credit dog house.

Data collected by the agencies Equifax (EFX), Experian and TransUnion on hundreds of millions of people are used to create credit scores. Those scores can determine who gets a loan and how much interest is paid on it.

The move stems from months of negotiations between the companies and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, one of several state attorneys general who have placed the credit reporting industry under increased scrutiny.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood sued Experian last June, claiming the firm has knowingly included error-riddled data in consumer credit files. In Ohio, Attorney General Mike DeWine is leading more than 30 states in an investigation into the credit firms. That suggests more changes by the industry could be coming.

So how will these latest changes affect you?

Q: What's changing here?

A: The credit bureaus have agreed to make several changes. Two of them have the potential to affect consumers the most: changes to how people go about disputing errors in their credit files and in the type of credit data that will appear in their files.

Q: Will it be easier to dispute errors in my credit report?

A: In theory. Let's say you've made a timely payment on your credit card but it mistakenly shows up in your credit file as a late payment, potentially weighing down your credit score. Right now, consumers who want to fix that error can file a dispute with the credit reporting agencies, but it falls on the consumer to get the mistake fixed with their credit card company. In addition, the credit agencies basically defer to the creditor.

To address this, the firms have agreed to hire employees tasked with reviewing consumer credit disputes independently and not merely rubber-stamping what credit card issuers and lenders say.

Q: What are the changes to medical debt?

A: In a bid to increase accuracy, medical debts won't be reported until after a 180-day waiting period to allow time for insurance payments to be applied. The agencies agreed to remove from credit reports previously reported medical collections that have been or are being paid by insurance companies.

Medical debts often arise from insurance coverage delays or disputes. Over half of all collection items on credit reports are medical debts and those debts may not accurately reflect consumers' creditworthiness, according to a statement from Schneiderman.

Q: What about parking tickets?

A: The credit agencies have agreed that parking tickets, library late fees and similar fines won't appear on consumers' credit reports, sort of. The idea is to exclude debts that don't arise from an agreement by the consumer to pay back money, as in a loan or credit card. Still, if any of those debts gets sold to a collection agency, it's possible the unpaid debt record could end up on your credit report anyway.

Q: Who will monitor these changes?

A: A working group will be formed under the agreement to regularly review consistency and to ensure that collected data is applied to consumers uniformly.

Q: When will the changes take place?

A: The changes will start to be implemented over the next several months. Discussions with other attorneys general are ongoing and there remains the possibility for more agreements ahead.

Q: Am I eligible for more than one free credit report a year?

A: Yes. Right now, consumers are entitled to get one free credit report a year from each credit reporting agency. The Attorney General's agreement requires that the firms provide a second free report to consumers who experience a change in their report after they dispute something in their file. This will let consumers verify that the credit agencies corrected the error. To get a free report, visit

-Chapman reported from New York. Veiga reported from Los Angeles.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FREE 7 Day Tiny House Construction ECourse

For a FREE 7 Day Tiny House Construction ECourse, please click on link: To look at the plans for hOMe, please visit: presents the "hOMe" tour. Our 221 SF (+128SF in lofts) was self designed and built tiny house on a 28' trailer. Built for $22k ($33k including all cabinets and appliances), our tiny house feels spacious, roomy and totally livable. BEST house we've ever lived in! :) During this video we take you through the entire tiny house, showing each nook and cranny and design features that are working so well. Unlike most cottagey tiny houses, hOMe has a clean, modern feel.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


After being diagnosed almost twenty years ago, Ms. Edwards decided to perform a case study on obesity and autoimmune diseases, which sometimes develop after having major surgery to have the thyroid removed. Thyroid cancer survivor, DaVida Edwards, is fundraising to create awareness about thyroid issues and the health ailments associated with this type of illness.

As a result she started a fundraising campaign which will provide help to those with obesity and thyroid issues who want to get healthy and stay healthy. Starting with a small garden in her back yard she plans to expand her vegetable garden in order to supply much needed organic meals to families in the community who otherwise may not be able to afford them.

Since her diagnosis Ms. Edwards researched all healthy natural products that don’t include any harmful chemicals or hard to pronounce toxic ingredients. She plans to make those all natural products such as deodorant and shampoo, readily available to the public by launching a new website via this crowd funding campaign.

Visitors to the site will also have the opportunity to apply for grants to help with any obese or thyroid related health issues they may have, for instance, loosing a lot of weight after being obese leaves behind excessive skin that needs to be surgically removed. In the event this procedure is not covered under their medical insurance, people can go to the site (just an example) to seek the assistance needed.

After the tragic incident with Mr. Eric Garner, city medical examiners concluded that Garner was killed by neck compression, along with "the compression of his chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police"; however, contributing factors included bronchial asthma, heart disease, obesity, and hypertensive cardiovascular disease. Obesity is an epidemic.

When asked why she started this fundraiser her response was, “I’m a Philadelphian and studies have shown that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which is home to more than 1.5 million residents, is tackling obesity throughout the community. Approximately 67.9% of adults in the city and approximately 41% of youth aged 6-17 are overweight or obese. Additionally, nearly 70% of youth in North Philadelphia, the majority of whom are black or Hispanic, are overweight or obese, which is nearly double the obesity and overweight rate for youth in the United States. Fruit and vegetable consumption is a challenge for residents, with nearly 25% of youth and 30% of adults getting only one serving or less per day. Further, approximately 25% of youth do not get sustained physical activity even once a week.”

Upon being contacted by The Doctor Oz Show in regards her thyroid issues, Ms. Edwards decided to seek support among the medical community from doctors and dieticians who specialize in treating patients with thyroid issues, obesity, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma, gum disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, depression and eating disorders. These doctors would then become a part of her efforts to help others with obesity and thyroid issues to not only get healthy, but encourage them to stay healthy as well.

U.S. health care spending has spiraled to $3 trillion this year, a 42 percent jump since 2006 according to CBS News. UnitedHealthcare (UNH), the biggest U.S. health insurer, is taking aim at controlling costs of cancer treatment with a new pilot program that will provide a set sum for a patient's coverage. The program will focus initially on patients with head and neck cancers, although the company said it may eventually expand the pilot test to include other cancers and to start pilots with other large cancer centers in the U.S. Recent studies have also shown American patients and their insurers shelled out $37.2 billion for oncology treatments in 2013. Prices in the U.S. are higher than in Europe, where medications can cost as much as 38 percent lower.

Donate to this campaign and go with Ms. Edwards on her journey to visit Dr. Sircus in Brazil and find out how his all natural treatments work out as she creates a video documentary on her wellness quest showing what remedies she sought out to get healthy and which ones she avoided.

The fundraising goal is $100,000. As she performs her case study on obesity and thyroid cancer and how to possibly prevent or overcome any autoimmune diseases by teaching others what she did to overcome and/or avoid such ailments altogether. Once Ms. Edwards raises enough capital for the video budget she plans to start making journal style videos and documenting her journey.

Also, planned are annual seminars, "Healthy Lifestyle Seminars" to help others find products and services to cope with their medical issues. The website will also make these products and services readily available to consumers.

A portion of the proceeds from her ebooks sales, 90 Day Bible and The Fred Johnson Experience will also be donated to this fundraiser which is appropriately titled, “Help Me Fight Back To Help Others” and upon reaching the $100,000. milestone, 1,000 child safety kits will be donated to underprivileged families with cancer survivors.

For more information how to support, participate in the events, and/or make a donation to teach others, despite their income, how to live a healthier lifestyle visit:

Here's the low-or should I say no-budget video...