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We will do the rest. If you’re located in Philadelphia, PA we will also run errands for you:

Ø      Record titles in room 111 in City Hall
Ø      Get documents notarized in City Hall room 284
Ø      Get copies of deeds, mortgages, and/notes in City Hall room 154
Ø      Check for liens, judgments etc. at the Prothonotary's office in City Hall room 284
Ø      Obtain plot plans and zoning permits at the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) Administration office located in the Municipal Services Building, 11th Floor: to handle appeals in zoning matters and determines whether to grants variances, certificates, and special use permits or visit Licenses and Inspections (L&I) in the Municipal Services Building (Public Service Concourse), 1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd )Zoning and Building are two distinct divisions with differing staff and requirements)
Ø      Visit Register of Wills to obtain documents, probate records, check the status of accounting, record letters of administration, check the status of a particular estate (intestate), or simply obtain documents (short certificates, wills, letters or administration, etc.)
Ø      Visit District Council Person in City Hall (if need variance/certificate or change in streets)
Ø      Visit Philadelphia City Planning Commission at One Parkway, 1515 Arch Street, 13th Floor
Ø      Visit Streets Department Highway Division in the Municipal Services Building, 9th Floor; Board of Surveyors, Transportation Engineering and Planning Section and City Plans in the Municipal Services Building, 8th Floor
Ø      Visit Water Department at 1101 Market Street, 2nd Floor
Ø      Visit Philadelphia Historical Commission in City Hall Room 576, if property is on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places or within historic district.
Ø      Visit Fairmount Park Commission in Memorial Hall, 42nd and Parkside Avenue, for required planting of street trees
Ø      Visit Accessibility Advisory Board in Municipal Services Building, 16th Floor: appeals on requirements for accessibility of buildings by the handicapped.
Ø      Visit Board of Building Standards in Municipal Services Building, 11th Floor: appeals for variances from Building Code, Electrical Code and Plumbing Code.
Ø      Visit Fire Department, Fire Code Unit at 240 Spring Garden Street: Where development requires new streets or a deep lot more than 100 ft from a fire hydrant, the Fire Department must approve the location of fire hydrants and fire department vehicle access. For high-rises, must approve fire command center.
Ø      Visit Health Department located at 1101 Market Street: Must involve where you need to install a new septic system because the lots are located too far from the city sewer system.
Ø      Visit the Judicial Foreclosure Sale and/or Tax Lien Sale on your behalf, held on the first Tuesday of each month at 10:00 AM located at the First District AME Plaza, 3801 Market Street on the 3rd Floor
Ø      Forcing Sheriff sales at Taxpayer Services in the Municipal Services Building, Public Concourse Level, 1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19102
Ø      We will also visit properties, take pictures, record videos and create virtual tours.

The possibilities are endless…

With over 20 years of experience, I help Realtors, Brokers, Agents and Real Estate Investors get to the settlement table more often.

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